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PSG Translations is a leading language service provider specializing in translation, website/software localization, interpreting services and desktop publishing. We have over 40 years of experience in the translation industry and we provide highly specialized translations in over 100 languages and over 50 industries. Whatever your budget and timing requirements, we are committed to offering you the best in quality services to help you present your business to markets worldwide.

Digital Marketing and Multilingual Translations


Translate your digital marketing content to engage users regardless of their language or territory. Our services include: Digital Marketing Translation, International SEO Translation, Multi-language PPC, Multi-lingual Social Media and International Email Marketing.

How we help


Trust us to handle your translation needs whatever the size or budget requirements.

Website/SEO Localization

Transform your web site into a multilingual, multicultural promotional tool.

Software Localization

Adapt Software Content, User Interface (UI), Local APIs, operating systems and more.


Effective messaging considers the cultural nuances of the target market.

Desktop Publishing

Services for both PC and MAC: PageMaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress and more.


Accredited interpreters for conferences and telephone meetings.

Over the Phone Interpreting

Call centre technology and highly skilled staff for Over the Phone Interpretation.


Expert voice talents produce high-end recordings in MP3, WAV and AIFF formats.


High quality certified translations hassle-free for our global customers.

Technical Writing

Get in touch with our vast network of technical writers for your technical documents.

Key Performance Indicators

We can provide you with detailed information about your annual spending and savings.

PSG MyTrack Management System

Keep track of your ongoing projects online anytime, anywhere!

Fast Turnaround

One Project Manager (PM) as your single point of contact to cater to your specific needs and bring you the best quality service according to your timeline.

Reduced Costs

Price based on the source text, leveraging any translation memory prior to commencing translation work. You know what you’re paying for before we begin .. no hidden costs and no unexpected surprises!

Consistent Terminology

Terminology Management and Translation Memory systems applied to every project making updates easier, more cost-effective and guarantee higher consistency in terminology from project to project.

Professional Translators

Certified professional translators with a minimum of 3 years of experience and a proven record of competence in their respective fields.

Project Management means bringing together and coordinating all the many specialized resources, processes, tools, technologies and systems that contribute to a successful project.

Our Project Manager (PM) oversees the unique aspects of your project and coordinates the relationship between translators, proofreaders, and DTP specialists to bring you the best quality service. By managing your multilingual projects from beginning to end, our PMs are able to keep you updated on the progress of your projects, ensure that they get completed on time and maintain the specific quality standards you expect.

Your organization is unique and so are your problems.

We are committed to providing customer-driven solutions at no additional cost: we help you develop the best solutions tailored to your project specifications. Since projects differ one from another, we don’t always apply the same solution to solve your problems. Instead, we develop tailored solutions which are also often completely new and innovative solutions – so your project gets done right the first time!

Customer Support is a vital part of our organization.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible customer service and support. Communication is key to a successful relationship and to this end, we offer multiple contact points for you so you can keep us informed of any changes, updates, problems etc., even while your project is well underway. You can rely on us to get back to you with the correct responses in a timely manner. Rest assured our team will work with you from beginning to end to ensure you get what you need when you need it. We welcome your feedback and assessment of our team’s performance post delivery – a crucial element to guaranteeing our processes are in alignment with your need.

Advanced Technology


PSG Translations creates and maintains client-specific databases of translations and terminology using the very latest computer assisted translation (CAT) technology. Using these CAT tools, linguists create and add to translation memories (TMs) and glossaries in real-time, while they work. These CAT programs work on all types of files including DOC, XLS, HTML, XML, SGML as well as common DTP formats. Translated documents are finished more quickly and are consistent in common definitions, phrasing and terminology from project to project; the memory can even be shared between translators. We also save you money. Requests for new translations are analyzed using the existing TM database. Repeated phrases as well as those already found in the memory are identified and charged at a percentage of the full price for new phrases. The more translations you send us, the more your terminology database and translation memories grow, and the more you save.

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