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Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is often an essential component of any translation job. Whether your documents are on FrameMaker, PageMaker, InDesign or QuarkXPpress etc., or you need to have your final document typeset in a format other than Word, our expert desktop publishers produce print-ready electronic versions of any document including required graphics or design features.

We are pleased to provide layout and photosetting utilizing foreign language software and typesets for documents, advertising collateral, packaging, manuals, and more as part of our ONE STOP location for all your linguistic needs. Foreign language typesetting takes country-specific character sets and letters into account. The typography of words, syllables and sentence punctuation in foreign language documents must be properly illustrated.
We offer a full range of professional DTP services for PC and Macintosh: Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, Macromedia Freehand, Macromedia Dreamweaver, HTML/XML editors, and many others.

DTP of Manuals, Catalogues, Brochures etc.
We provide full DTP services in all languages and the language specific fonts required for the project.

Automated DTP Process
We use fully automated processes to export and import all your translated manuals/catalogues/brochures created on PC and/or on Macintosh. This process dramatically reduces turnaround time and saves you money.
Text Conversions – From PDF to any Application – High-Resolution Files
Text conversion from PC to MAC: we convert documents written in any language from PC into a Macintosh readable document without losing any of the language specific diacritics.

From a PDF file to any application: we can create the file in whatever format you need reproducing the exact layout of the original PDF document, rebuilding all images in EPS format and linking them to the new file.

High-resolution PDF and/or EPS files: printing presses are typically not equipped to handle Arabic and Asian typesettings. This is due primarily to the significant additional technical effort required. We produce high resolution PDF, EPS files to accommodate any typeset needed.
To ensure the best in quality for all our DTP jobs, during the QA Review Process, you are sent a low-resolution PDF of the file to proof for accuracy, consistency, country standards, language, style, and terminology. If there are corrections to be made or any problem areas, the DTP expert makes the changes based on your requirements. At this point, the final high-resolution version along with the completed artwork is delivered to you, print-ready.

Graphic Design
A localization-friendly design will save you time and money in every language.
Take advantage of our considerable experience on all major platforms to help you develop design templates or finished documents that are easy to localize.
Our design specialists will help you find the right look and feel for your message using a design that will work in all your target markets without costly modifications.
We would be happy to consult with you on any of your advertising, marketing or documentation materials.

Our graphic designers have extensive traditional and digital printing experience. By anticipating the complexities of the printing process during the layout stage and taking the appropriate steps to remedy any problems, our staff work to ensure a smooth and problem-free print run. Many of our clients rely on us not only to design, translate and typeset their documents, but to also finalize, print and ship their materials.
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