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Document Translation

You can rely on PSG Translations to translate your documents correctly from internal memos to international manuals. Thanks to our professional translators and extensive network of international collaborators, we offer high-end multilingual services to convey your message and to adapt your product or service to meet the linguistic needs of domestic and international markets.

At PSG Translations we ensure that the source and target texts communicate the same message while taking into account the various constraints placed on a successful translation i.e. context, grammar rules of both languages, writing conventions, idioms, etc.Only qualified linguists with years of experience and specialization in their respective fields translate your documents. Translated documents are then proofread by a qualified proofreader and undergo a supplementary spot check before final delivery. Our services are provided according to our UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 17100:2017 certifications.

This is how our translation process, productivity tools and technologies ensure maximum quality translations:
1. Select Project Manager to personally oversee your project.
2. Select team of translators with demonstrated subject matter expertise.
3. Compile glossary of key words and terms in both the source and target languages.
4. Pre-process files to prepare material for translators.
5. Create project kit that describes all project requirements, schedule, handoffs and that contains all files, style guides, glossaries, instructions and reference materials; distribute to team.
6. Translate material leveraging previous translations (translation memory tools).
7. Conduct linguistic quality assurance review to ensure accuracy, consistency, country standards, style and terminology of translation.
8. Desktop publish according to your specifications.
9. Conduct layout quality assurance review to ensure final product meets all your requirements.
10. Final product is delivered print-ready.Translation Technologies

We apply automated Terminology Management and Translation Memory systems to every project (Trados, SDLX, DejaVu, Wordfast). This advanced technology allows us to utilize glossaries and create translation memories making product updates easier and more cost-effective.

This is how our updated technology benefits you:*Increased productivity and lower costs.*Quicker turnaround times.*Maximum linguistic consistency.*Fast and effective terminology management.*Simplified updating and maintenance of projects.*Support for TMX (open memory format based on XML).*Accurate handling of scripting (ASP, JavaScript, Perl, VB Script, etc.)

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