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Frequently Asked Questions

What languages do you translate?
We work with a network of reliable, tried-and-tested, linguistic experts around the world and as such we provide language conversions for over 100 languages, including all of the most commonly used commercial languages and many of the more unusual ones. With our database of over 500 carefully screened translators, we can help with almost any language — if we don’t already have a translator who can do it, we have extensive sources to identify a qualified translator who can. When requesting a translation, it is important to specify the target country or ethnic group. There are, for example, significant differences in the Spanish spoken in Mexico, Central America, South America, and Europe. There are also differences between Canadian and European French, Brazilian and Continental Portuguese, and Chinese for the Peoples Republic of China and Taiwan.

How do you determine the price for a translation project?
Translations are usually priced based on the word count of the source language and the complexity of the text. For example, a legal document which requires a higher level of expertise and might also require notarization would cost more than a standard email translation. In addition, if your project also requires desktop publishing, these charges would be calculated on an hourly basis. The best way to obtain an accurate quote which clearly details your project’s costs is to send us a copy of your original document. We pride ourselves on producing accurate quotes, free of charge – with no hidden costs or surprises! You know exactly what the cost of the project will be before we begin.

How long does it take to complete translation?
The time it requires to complete a translation depends on many factors: the language, length of text, type of texts i.e., legal, financial, medical etc., availability of our specialized translators and if additional services are required such as desktop publishing. On average a translator can comfortably translate 2000-3000 words a day (about 8 – 12 pages) into any of the major languages. Longer documents take more time to translate and more complex documents require a greater deal of work and proofing. The best way to know for sure how long it would take to translate your document is to send us your document(s) so we can analyze the number of words, level of complexity, etc. and provide you with a clear, concise delivery date for free. If you have a specific date in mind, we’ll do our best to meet your needs. Please bear in mind rush deliveries are charged extra. If a project deadline is completely out of our reach, we don’t hesitate to let you know!

Do you use qualified translators?
Yes, we ONLY employ highly experienced mother-tongue translators who live in their native country i.e., if they are from Spain they can translate from English to Spanish but not the other way. All our translators hold advanced degree from a reputable university specialized in translations and have a minimum of 3 years of experience in their respective field. Among these specialists are engineers, medical and legal professionals, scientists, and people trained in journalism, business, finance, banking, and the arts.

How can I send you my document(s)?
Documents can be uploaded directly onto our website or send us an email and we normally provide a quote within 24 hours of receipt (usually the same day), detailing the exact cost and how long the project will take to complete. For larger files, we have a secure FTP site designed specifically for each client onto which files can be uploaded. Contact us to have your own private, confidential link created.

How do you ensure the confidentiality of my document(s)?
All our employees and contractors sign a confidential disclosure agreement before they are assigned any work. They understand that any document handled by our company is subject to this non-disclosure agreement and that they must maintain the confidentiality of all work received through us.

How do I confirm a service request with your company?
Once you have decided that our services, delivery times and prices suit your translation needs and we have confirmed our availability to carry out your project, we will require a Purchase Order from your company. If you normally do not issue Purchase Orders, you can fill out our Service Confirmation Form which gives us the legal go-ahead to start your project.

How can I track the progress of my project(s)?
We are committed to ensuring our valued customers are always kept in the loop. Through our user-friendly web based portal called MyTrack, companies can now keep track of their projects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. It provides our clients with immediate, secure access to all their translation projects and information with ease. Customers interface directly with PSG by securely uploading files for evaluation and follow the status of translation and related processes (DTP, compilation, testing, QA activities, etc.) quickly and simply on-line. By keeping fully informed of the progress of their projects as they are underway, customers can also update and review project enquiries and instructions with our PMs as required. This allows for better communication and greater collaboration, which in turn helps us manage the workflow and life-cycle of each project more effectively – keeping projects on track and on time.

What are my payment options?
We accept all major credit cards, direct deposits, and payment through paypal. Contact us for more information on how to make your payments hassle free.
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