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Website/SEO Localization

More and more companies recognize that a key step to successfully approaching and selling to international customers is through website localization. A properly localized website can actively contribute to the growth of any international business. PSG Translations provides complete localization services to adapt your product to your target market.

Here are some of the benefits of localizing your website:
• Overcome language barriers – by localizing your website you increase your company’s visibility on an international scale and invite more potential customers to relate to your products and services.
• Build your company’s credibility – a multilingual website gains you more credibility than your competitor whose website may be solely in English. In addition, it conveys the strong message to your target market that you understand, value and respect their cultural differences. Potential clients are more comfortable and can better understand a company if their information, products, or services are presented in their native language.
• Increase your revenue – your website’s increased accessibility to the global market can translate into more buyers and increased year-end revenue.

We take the following factors into consideration when localizing your website:

Business Decisions
• Which languages are needed?
• Localize the entire site or only certain pages for certain languages?
• Will content be managed centrally or will in-country offices provide content for their own sites?
• Will the site launch all languages simultaneously or incrementally?
• How often will each type of content be updated?

Replace all cultural and language-specific elements with neutral ones or substitute appropriate elements depending on the language, such as:
• Eliminate graphics with multiple meanings or containing hand gestures, body parts, religious or astrological symbols.
• Provide input forms that can handle various character sets and input methods.
• Create a mechanism for users to select their preferred language.

Individual pages or text elements requiring translation include:
• Text on web pages
• Text in graphics
• Text in animations
• Text used for search engine optimization

Multimedia elements such as audio or video presentations may need to be translated and record dubbing tracks in each of the target languages. Other active elements, scripts or database driven sections may need to be adapted to function appropriately for each of your target locales. Some websites, such as those offering financial services, require more extensive adaptation to accommodate differences, such as taxation policies, etc.

Build, Review and Test
Once all assets have been localized and the localized pages generated they require in-country review and testing on a staging server.

Publish and Go Live
The localized website can be published to the web and made available to browsers worldwide after one final check.

Update and Maintain
Modifications can be made to the source site and then translated and incorporated into the localized versions

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