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AI and Machine Translation

At PSG Translations, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to support and enhance your AI requirements.
We offer Machine Translation (MT) services tailored to diverse business needs, whether you require a quick document MT output for general comprehension or the translation of an entire product catalog, our team is here to help.

Our AI
Machine Translation Platform processes content utilizing various machine engines and algorithms to generate the most complete translation output. Our software reads and analyzes your content and where possible harnesses your existing Translation Memories (TMs) and glossaries to create even more accurate MT outputs. 
Depending on your project requirements, we not only provide a pure MT output but also a Post-Editing phase where the MT output is revised by a certified human translator. At the most basic level, we provide raw (pure) machine translation without human involvement. For those instances demanding a human touch from a professional translator, our Light Post-Editing (LPE) service ensures the final translation is grammatically correct. Alternatively, our Full Post-Editing (FPE) service goes a step further, incorporating the style, flow, and terminological accuracy expected in a standard human translation.
Light Post-Edited Machine Translation
Linguists intervene to rectify machine translation output only when the target is unclear or fails to convey the source's meaning. There are both pros and cons to this level of post-editing. LPE is designed for lower-priority content, prioritizing speed over quality. It can yield a comprehensible translation with no significant errors but may lack stylistic perfection. It may also result in a translation that sounds too literal or unnatural.

Full Post-Edited Machine Translation
Our full post-edited machine translation solution aims to produces a final product that’s equivalent to a human translation-only process. It is followed by a proofreading and/or quality management step, just like a standard workflow. It is suitable for structured, technical content and is good for other types of content, including highly visible, customer-facing content.
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