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Heavy Equipment

Accurate translations are indispensable in the heavy equipment industry. They ensure safety by enabling operators to understand crucial safety protocols and operating manuals accurately. Additionally, precise translations of regulatory documents facilitate compliance with stringent industry standards and legal requirements. Moreover, accurate translations of technical specifications and maintenance manuals enhance operational efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Overall, accurate translations play a vital role in ensuring safety, compliance, efficiency, reputation, and globalization in the heavy equipment industry, contributing to the success and sustainability of businesses within the sector.

Case Study
End Client: Multinational manufacturer of agricultural machinery
Services Rendered: translation and proofreading of meta-tags for website (Search Engine Optimization)
Source Language: Italian/English
Target Languages: French, German, Spanish
Volume: approx. 2500 words
About the project: Web marketing project aimed at maximizing the SEO of three localized versions of the client’s website (French, German, Spanish). The project included translation of specific meta-tags and keywords for each area of the website. We also met our client’s specific requirements by localizing the content to reflect a more promotional and marketing style while at the same time complying with length restrictions.
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