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Our 3 Step Approach


Project Management

Project management means bringing together and coordinating all the many specialized resources, processes, tools, technologies and systems that contribute to a successful project.
At PSG Translations, we assign one manager to you as your single point of contact. Our Project Manager (PM) oversees the unique aspects of your project and coordinates the relationship between translators, proofreaders, and DTP specialists to bring you the best quality service. By managing your multilingual projects from beginning to end, our PMs are able to keep you updated on the progress of your projects, ensure that they get completed on time and maintain the specific quality standards you expect. We can keep you updated on a regular basis via MyTrack Portal, email, fax or telephone. Our PMs are trained to report on the progress of every project to ensure that delays or problems can be corrected immediately. We believe PM-Client interactions is essential to meeting deadlines and to the overall success of every project.
This is our six-step approach to managing your project(s):
  1. Analyze project and determine scope.
  2. Assess risks and obstacles and create strategies to overcome them.
  3. Create a project plan including action steps and critical path.
  4. Execute project.
  5. Monitor and evaluate project activities.
  6. Evaluate completed project and process.


Solution Development

Your organization is unique and so are your problems! We are committed to providing customer-driven solutions at no additional cost: we help you develop the best solutions tailored to your project specifications.

Projects can differ significantly from one another, so we don’t always apply the same solution to any given project. Instead, we develop tailored solutions which target the specific problems encountered from project to project.

By applying relevant and innovative solutions, we ensure your project gets done right the first time! We collaborate with you, as your partner, to provide you with the “perfect fit” for your linguistic needs.

The following steps outline the basic stages involved in our translation/DTP production process.
Where possible, we adapt our processes to the way you work to cut costs and save time.
  1. Project Manager allocated to personally oversee your translation project.
  2. Translator or a team of translators with expertise in the subject matter assigned to the project.
  3. Project Manager liaisons between customers’ needs and translators inquires.
  4. Glossary is compiled, in both the source and target languages, of the words and terms that are specific to your application and business area
  5. DTPers pre-processing entails material preparation for translators.
  6. QA Review Process accounts for: Accuracy, Consistency, Country Standards, Language, Style and Terminology.
  7. Post-editing:Translators/DTPers check and correct problem areas, if any.
  8. Final delivery to client.


Customer Support

Customer Support is a vital part of our organization. We are dedicated to providing you with the best possible customer service and support.

Communication is key to a successful relationship and to this end, we offer multiple contact points for you so you can keep us informed of any changes, updates, problems etc., even while your project is well underway.

You can rely on us to get back to you with the correct responses in a timely manner. Rest assured our team will work with you from beginning to end to ensure you get what you need when you need it. We welcome your feedback and assessment of our team’s performance post delivery – a crucial element to guaranteeing our processes are in alignment with your need.

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