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Transcreation and Content Creation

Transcreation takes translation further by adapting your message to your target audience by taking into account the cultural nuances of the target region while at the same time maintaining the intent, style, tone and context. Transcreation involves bringing together marketing, linguistics, creative copywriting and design, while taking account of tone, nuance, colour and style.

Our dedicated transcreation team will help you through the process of identifying your key messages and target audiences and will even help develop appropriate taglines for your brand that will be well received internationally.

Here’s how we help you transcreate your products or services:

Gathering Information
Content that needs to be transcreated should be sent alongside a brief description about your brand, target audience, the tone you’d like us to use and the objectives of your campaign. The media platforms of the campaign should also be defined at the start of the process (Press ads, digital banners, TV commercials etc.) It would be useful if you could provide images for the brief so we can make the text coincide with these images.

Selection and Transcreation
PSG Translations will select the appropriate copywriters for the transcreation project from our database of trusted resources. After the initial transcreation, we conduct a review process by a second independent reviewer and incorporate any changes or updates as needed. The transcreation is then fine-tuned by the initial copywriter and submitted to you for your own internal reviews. Any additional modifications are made post-delivery as required.

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