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Lighting Industry

Accurate translations are essential in the lighting industry for global expansion, technical clarity, compliance, and brand reputation. They enable effective communication with international stakeholders, ensuring that technical specifications and safety guidelines are understood correctly. Compliance with regulatory standards across different markets is ensured through precise translation of legal documents. Additionally, accurate translations of marketing materials uphold brand credibility and foster customer trust. Overall, accurate translations support the lighting industry's growth and competitiveness by facilitating global operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and maintaining a strong brand image.

Case Study
End Client: Italian Leader in Technical and Architectural Lighting
Services Rendered: translation, proofreading, desktop publishing of technical specifications, press releases, material for training courses for employees of foreign branches and various interpreting services (on-going collaboration)
Source Language: English/Italian
Target Languages: All European languages, Arabic, Chinese
Desktop Publishing: PageMaker for technical specifications; PowerPoint for Training Courses
Volume: > 4 million words
About the project: in addition to supplying daily translation, we also provide interpreting services for this client which total more than 50 days of interpreting services per year. Translation projects range from technical specifications to training and e-learning courses (the most recent e-learning project was approx. 18,000 words).
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