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Video to Text Transcription and Subtitling

PSG Translations offers a structured workflow to ensure accuracy, quality, and timely delivery for all Text Transcription and Subtitling projects. The process begins with a consultation between PSG Translations and our client to understand their specific needs and requirements. Details such as the target audience, languages for transcription and subtitling, desired level of accuracy, and any specific style or terminology preferences are discussed.

Clients submit the video files they want transcribed and subtitled. These files can be in various formats, and we are equipped to handle a range of video types like MP4 or WAV. The video files are processed through our systems and a quality assurance process is implemented to ensure the accuracy of the transcribed text. This process often involves proofreading by experienced linguists to catch errors, ensure consistency, and address any contextual nuances.

If required, time-stamping is applied to synchronize the transcribed text with the corresponding timestamps in the video. This is essential for subtitling to ensure that the text appears on screen at the right moment. Based on the transcribed text, subtitles are created and timed to match the video's audio. This process involves linguistic and cultural considerations to produce accurate and contextually relevant subtitles.

A review and editing phase ensure that the subtitles are grammatically correct. We also ensure they convey the intended meaning accurately and adhere to any style preferences provided by the client. The translated and subtitled content is then shared with the client for review. Client feedback is collected, and any necessary revisions are made to meet the client's expectations.

The final transcribed and subtitled files, along with any translations, are delivered to the client in the specified format. Throughout the entire process, communication between PSG Translations and the client is crucial to ensure that the final product aligns with the client's expectations and serves its intended purpose effectively.
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