PSG Translations can help you master any type of spoken interaction by eliminating language barriers in your face-to-face, conference and telephone meetings. Our team of accredited interpreters can handle a wide array of projects. Please take a moment to determine the type of interpreting service you require:

Chuchotage Interpreting (Whispering)
An appropriate method of interpreting when you are meeting with small groups of foreign clients in an office, boardroom, restaurant or even on the golf course. The chuchotage interpreter translates quietly only to those who need it, so as not to disrupt the natural flow of the business conversation. Portable whisper interpreting equipment (microphone, transmitter, wireless headsets) is available for situations with high background noise or where participants may not be able to gather in the immediate vicinity of the interpreter.

Liaison Interpreting
Primarily used when you are expecting foreign clients at your trade show booth, exhibit, or conference reception. Liaison hosts are expert interpreters who are fluent in multiple foreign languages. Their specialty is to represent your business and deliver your presentation in a way that will make your clients and prospects feel at home.

Simultaneous Interpreting
The right choice when you are presenting to large groups, simultaneous interpreting means the interpreter listens to your presentation in a sound-proof booth and renders your words immediately into the target language. Participants listen to the interpretation on wireless headphones.

Consecutive Interpreting
When you are speaking to a larger group, but simultaneous interpreters and equipment are not available, use consecutive interpreters. This type of interpreter accompanies the speaker and interprets the presentation a few sentences at a time to the target audience.

Conference Equipment
PSG Translations can provide communication equipment and portable interpreting equipment for conferences. Please contact us for more information.